Principal Attorney & CEO

    Zach is a prominent advocate for implementation of local commercial cannabis regulation across California. The results of this advocacy can be found in the steady progress in this industry throughout the region over the last two and a half years following the passage of MAUCRSA.

    Prior to founding Drivon Consulting, Zach was a criminal defense attorney. He handled hundreds of criminal cases and participated in numerous felony and misdemeanor criminal trials.


    COO & Brand Manager

    Clare is an operations professional who came to Drivon Consulting with a background in business development, consulting and marketing. She is a project manager at her core, believing efficiency and planning are the key to success.  


    Administrative Director

    Julia is a San Joaquin Valley local and long-time resident of Lodi. As an experienced project manager, she brings excellent administrative and organizational skills to the office. She received her B.A. in Liberal Studies from Humphreys College and studied Art and Graphic Design at U.C. Santa Cruz. While residing in the Bay Area she spent 12-years working in the corporate legal, marketing, and engineering departments of Sun Microsystems.

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