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General Counsel, Zach Drivon is a licensed Attorney primarily focused on California Commercial Cannabis Business regulation, licensing and compliance. Drivon has served as a prominent advocate for implementation of local commercial cannabis regulation across the San Joaquin Valley over the last two years, having met and conferred with elected officials and government staff members from numerous jurisdictions throughout the Central Valley including San Joaquin County, City of Stockton, Stanislaus County, City of Oakdale, City of Patterson, City of Atwater, City of Merced and others.


This experience has included the provision of critical analysis and policy guidance for industry members navigating the application processes and implementation of regulations. Drivon spearheaded local policy reform efforts leading to the procurement of the first Conditional Use Permit for the operation of a commercial cannabis cultivation facility in the City of Stockton.


Furthermore, Drivon has overseen the acquisition of dozens of temporary, provisional, and annual commercial cannabis licenses from California's Bureau of Cannabis Control and Department of Food and Agriculture respectively, for cannabis operations including retail, nursery, cultivation, distribution, and event organizing. This experience has led to demonstrable success in assisting clients navigating complex commercial cannabis regulations through the receipt of state licensure, and ensuring continued compliance in the local jurisdictions where operations continue.


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