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We Cover Licensing from Start to Finish

We have your business covered from business registration through state licensing and beyond.

We Have Success Stories in All Areas of The Industry

Our client sucess stories span all areas of the industry. View some of the clients that we have helped.

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Leaders in Cannabis Consulting

Our team is perfectly equipped to help Cannabis businesses and has a history of success in the industry.


Cannabis Licensing

& more

The Importance of Representation

This week, Drivon Consulting is appearing at multiple conferences and hearings on behalf of our clients. Constantly striving to remain at...

Building a Brand

This week, Drivon Consulting has expanded again, bringing on a Chief Operating Officer and Brand Manager. But what does branding mean,...

Social Equity and Policy Reform

In the midst of California (and other states) broadening the scope of the public's view regarding cannabis, it is essential to discuss...

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Commercial Cannabis Policy Reform Advocacy
Government Relations & Public Affairs
Local Municipal &
State Licensing
Corporate Formations, Legal Forms, & Contracts
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