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What Do You Need For Your Business?

Have you ever wanted to start a new business? Do you already have a small business but are unsure what you need to do next? This week, Drivon Consulting is working on corporate filings, and we wanted to take a moment to share what that process looks like.

What does your business need?

When beginning your business, you first must decide how you want to form your new company. Will it be a Corporation, which has stock and shareholders? Or an LLC, which is Member run and controlled, but can offer greater liability protection for its members? What about a Partnership? Partnerships are formed between two or more people, as well as Limited Partnerships that work like a combination between Partners and LLCs. How you choose to form determines what you need to file.

After you decide how you want to form your company, you need to ensure you're filing the proper paperwork at the proper times. In the state of California, whether you're incorporating, filing an LLC, or starting some other corporate entity, you need to file your Statement of Information within a certain timeframe. Then, it's time to contact the IRS for tax filing information. Getting an EIN is critical for your new business and will help you to open a bank account for your new company.

Once you're formed, filed, and ready for business, you need to make sure you've protected your assets and prepared your paperwork. Do you need to create any contracts for sales or build up your corporate bylaws? Have you given any thought to your company's structure or need for employees? Contracts and forms are another potentially intimidating or overwhelming process that is best handled by a professional.

This week, Drivon Consulting is working on the process of re-filing and re-certifying documents with the IRS. This process could have far-reaching consequences if mishandled or handled outside of strict deadlines. Our new corporate division is available to help our clients get the proper forms prepared and filed with ease, so they can move on to their next steps without stress as they continue to grow and build their business.

From first-time business formations to established businesses that want to expand, Drivon Consulting is here to assist you in every way: from filing your forms to writing your contracts. Make sure you're prepared for what comes next – let us handle the paperwork so you can handle your work.

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