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Building a Brand

This week, Drivon Consulting has expanded again, bringing on a Chief Operating Officer and Brand Manager. But what does branding mean, and how can it relate to the cannabis industry? What do I need to do to build my brand?

Branding Strategy

Branding is about finding your market and making yourself available to it. Building your brand is more than just creating a flashy logo, or having a cool catchphrase. More than advertising, it's about showing your authenticity and respect for the industry in a way that can best serve the needs of the community of which you are a part. Building a brand is critical to the success of your business – not just to survive, but to thrive. When first starting out in the cannabis industry, like we discussed last week, you have a huge process to go through. Formation of your company, and creating your identity as an entity is a big task. Once you've achieved that first goal, and you're ready to do business, you have to prepare a plan of action that will bring your business to the public eye. Branding begins the moment you decide you are going to conduct business. While you may not realize it, you created your brand as soon as you identified your market. You want to form a business, which serves a function for a certain sector of the population in order to meet their needs. You took the first step in creating your brand, and now you need to keep walking through that process. Once you have identified your market, formed your company, and begun the process of getting licensed to do business, you must then identify what your company can offer the community. Decide what you are going to do that makes you stand out, and serves your market better than your competition. Being able to clearly and effectively communicate why you deserve the public's attention is what branding is all about. At Drivon Consulting, we believe it is in the public's best interest to have an advocate on the side of the public who promotes awareness of what is happening in the cannabis industry; providing education on what cannabis is, and how it can affect the population, as well as the current legal implications of those effects. We believe in the importance of advocacy and tenacious representation in the commercial cannabis industry in order to bring about social equity and reform of the unfair legal practices that have harmed so many in our community and the State at large. Drivon Consulting believes that we have begun to solidify our brand in the Central Valley. By building that brand and serving our community, we can be an effective representative of you, and your business. Bringing up to date news and information to the public, being aware of state and local legislative changes, representing our clients in public forums, and protecting their businesses by ensuring they conform to the standards not only required by law but that will set them apart is just some of what we offer.

What does your brand say about you?

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