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Commercial Cannabis

Policy Reform Advocacy

Corporate Formations, Legal Forms, and Contracts

Drivon makes sure that all of your business papers are in order for compliance and for ease of business.

Government Relations & Public Affairs

Drivon works with local municipalities to show the positive benefits of the industry.

Local, Municipal, and State Licensing

Drivon helps Cannabis clients navigate the complicated licensing procedures.

In order to realize the full potential of State Compliant Cannabis Commerce in California, local jurisdictions must continue to move in favor of licensing and regulation of legitimate Cannabis Businesses.


The Cannabis Industry must participate in the development of local guidelines in order to create a feasible regulatory and legal environment for both business and communities at large to thrive. That requires experienced representation by experienced advocates dedicated to serving the industry.

Proudly representing the Industry before the public eye, Drivon Consulting delivers the message of the positive benefits our clients provide communities, and the transformative potential expanding the legal cannabis industry to meet public demand may bring by working together.​

Other Areas of Practice

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