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Stockton Record

Attorney discusses the approval of ordinance regulating cannabis business in San Joaquin County.


San Joaquin County is preparing for a vote in November on whether to tax recreational marijuana.

Stockton government is turning over a new leaf — and it’s marijuana. The council placed on the ballot Measures P and Q…

Fitzgerald: A smart switch to ‘Reefer Sanity’

Recreational marijuana use and cultivation was the only issue on the agenda of a special Tracy City Council workshop...

City Council ponders marijuana

A ban on commercial marijuana activities and cultivation in unincorporated areas of San Joaquin County will remain…

Ban continues on commercial pot cultivation

The sale of cannabis for adult recreational use soon will be legal in California, and cities around San Joaquin County…

SJ preparing for legal cannabis

After attending a Board of Supervisors meeting that lasted most of the day, a Stockton attorney who works with local…

San Joaquin County’s proposed cannabis tax will go before voters on Nov. 6

Let’s look at the numbers. In 2016, California voters approved legalization of the adult use of cannabis by a margin of…

SJ leaders divided on Measure B cannabis tax proposal

In November, adult-use cannabis dispensaries became a budding business in Stockton. Within days of each other…

Recreational marijuana market brings huge tax revenue opportunity to Stockton

The city of Atwater will take a harder look at allowing large indoor marijuana cultivation, manufacturing and other…

Atwater taking a second look at cannabis businesses in search for more tax dollars

The Board of Supervisors this week narrowly approved a framework for the establishment of legal commercial cannabis…

County moves forward on efforts to regulate cannabis industry

Cannabidiol, better known as CBD, found in creams, drinks and lotions in cannabis dispensaries across California…

The CBD Trend Shows No Signs of Slowing, But is it Actually Effective?

Since the outdoor growing season for cannabis began last month, the Stanislaus County Sheriff Department’s Special…

Thriving black market in Stanislaus County is hurting legal cannabis businesses

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