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Corporation Formation, Forms,

and Business Associations

Commercial Cannabis Policy Reform, and Advocacy

Drivon helps Cannabis clients navigate the complicated licensing procedures.

Government Relations & Public Affairs

Drivon works with local municipalities to show the positive benefits of the industry.

Local, Municipal, and State Licensing

Drivon helps Cannabis clients navigate the complicated licensing procedures.

A viable cannabis business needs the appropriate organizational structure under which its personnel and operational infrastructure can be established. Creating the correct legal framework for your business is crucial to viability and survival.  We assist in the development of Corporate entities, bylaws, operating agreements, and other administrative documents to bring your business to life.


Entering into commerce in this uncharted space also necessitates formal agreements between potential contracting parties in order for a business to run cleanly and smoothly. The uniqueness and novelty of Cannabis Commerce calls for an Attorney that is familiar with the business and its players. Providing effective communication, understanding, and legal documentation to protect the transactional and structural needs of your business is a service we pride ourselves upon.

Cannabis commerce is a constantly evolving space. Drivon Consulting knows the Cannabis industry in California and will help your business have a solid groundwork with all of the necessary business documents.

Other Areas of Practice

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