Current Profession - Cannabis Policy Reform, Licensing and Compliance Attorney/Consultant

Business: Drivon Consulting

Title: Owner

From: 7/2016 To: Present

Location: 2904 Pacific Avenue, Stockton, CA 95204 


Professional Licenses and Certificates:

1) Admitted to California State Bar 12/15/13

2) Juris Doctorate Degree received on 05/25/2013


Associated Organizations:

1) Laurence Drivon School of Law Student Bar Association Social Chair, Vice President, President (From 08/2009 to 12/2012)

2) San Joaquin County Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, Member (12/2016 to Present)

3) Stockton Rotary, Member (01/2017 to Present)

Prior Experience:


Admitted to the State Bar in 2013, Drivon has handled hundreds of legal matters in criminal practice and is intimately acquainted with the legal complexities and associated dynamics of medical cannabis operations, both in his current and former roles as a consultant and advocate.


In June of 2016 Drivon shifted to focus exclusively on cannabis policy reform advocacy in the City of Stockton, California. After consulting with members of council and city staff, a reformed ballot initiative-ordinance with an open application process for prospective operators, identified as 'Measure P' was submitted to Stockton Voters on the November 2016 Ballot. Drivon subsequently formed a coalition of cannabis industry members to support the 'Vote Measure P' Campaign. Serving as the spokesperson of the campaign, the coalition oversaw the passage of 'Measure P' and the creation of two (4) additional dispensary operators permits and four (4) indoor cultivation operators permits for the operation of such commercial cannabis facilities in The City of Stockton. 


Following the preparation and submittal of an application for a Conditional Use Permit (CUP) to operate a 22,000 square foot indoor commercial cannabis cultivation facility, Drivon client, Jampet Group, Inc. was approved for the CUP on June 22, 2017. This was the first commercial cannabis cultivation permit through a public process  in the Central Valley Region of California.


For over two years Drivon has conferred with members of local law enforcement, local judiciary, as well as local government staff and elected officials on behalf of clients across the San Joaquin Valley Region. 


Facilitating collaboration between local and state government officials and existing operators seeking state licenses, an integral component of regulatory development, licensing and compliance is the focus of Drivon Consulting's practice. Consultation with local officials across the Central Valley region as well as with operators seeking local and state licenses has provided Drivon with the necessary expertise to effectively facilitate this collaboration. This collaboration has included hosting tours of cannabis facilities for government officials and staff to aid in the development of local regulatory standards and best practices for the cannabis industry.


Drivon possesses proven experience in the assembly of commercial cannabis facility floor plans, site plans, neighborhood context maps, security and lighting plans, as well as security and operations protocols for the operation of commercial cannabis facilities. Drivon's expertise and understanding of the concerns of local government officials and industry members regarding the implementation of MAUCRSA and related legal issues adds unique value to cannabis industry members represented by Drivon Consulting. 



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