Government Relations

and Public Affairs

Although not universally embraced, Cannabis Legalization is slowly becoming more accepted across the State and across the Country. When considering laws that may effect cannabis businesses, Municipal leaders should look to Industry Members and businesses as partners for better communities. Increased jobs and economic activity, revenue for enforcement and community benefits, and its potential as a more compassionate, beneficial application for patients are just a few of the factors that work to alleviate antiquated stigmas for decision makers.


Drivon Consulting has provided consistent diplomatic representation for Cannabis Industry Members navigating local governmental and political landscapes since 2016. Through effective communications we continue to advance opportunities for both Industry Veterans protecting their livelihood and traditional business operators newly entering the space.


Proudly representing the Industry before the public eye, we deliver the message of the positive benefits our clients provide communities, and the transformative potential expanding the legal cannabis industry to meet public demand may bring by working together.